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CORSphere works with Defence Prime Contractors, Sub-contractors, Government Agencies, Industrial & Marine Enterprises and SMBs

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Adopting a rigorous framework for deploying AI in secure infrastructure


Together with Thales, we are building the optimal framework to deploy AI for condition-based-monitoring (CBM) systems

With a shared vision of redefining AI applications in maintenance, logistics, and operations, CORSphere aims to ensure that our military and Navy remain at peak readiness.

Our focus areas include Data Preparation, AI Development, AI Testing, and Secure Deployment, ensuring a high level of trust in defence operations.

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Data Preparation

Data is the lifeblood of AI. Our data preparation services clean, normalize, and enrich your data for the most accurate AI analyses.

AI Development

We go beyond code to develop AI systems that are scalable, adaptable, and aligned with your business goals. Our team of experts tailor solutions for your specific needs.

AI Testing

AI is only as effective as its testing. Our rigorous testing and validation ensure that the AI systems we deliver perform consistently, ethically, and securely.

Secure Deployment

Our deployment process prioritizes security at every step, ensuring your data remains confidential and integral. We abide by industry best practices and work with clients to integrate our systems.


The Maintenance AI Co-Pilot You Can Trust

Built to ingest your IoT, integrated systems, and business intelligence data, CORSphere's AI can flag anomalies on any system and understand the operational context to automatically generate and deploy actions - with humans at the forefront of its interactive design.

Solution One

Anomaly Detection for Integrated Systems connected via IoT

Designed with dynamic data ingestion pipelines, CORSphere's AI can accurately detect anomalies in systems without the need for historical failure records. This is further enriched by a dynamic context addition algorithm using Generative AI LLM capable of securely tapping into system-specific and business intelligence data.

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Solution One

Insights translate to action with our Human Machine Teaming (HMT) interface

The AI identifies issues and is capable of suggesting actionable steps, tapping into technical documentation, historical data, and business intelligence. Tailored with an interactive interface for humans to add context and automatically deploy suggested actions, we are building the maintenance co-pilot for our customers. Additionally, our QR code feature offers instant on-site access to specific system data via a mobile-first interface.

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Solution One

Securely Deployable on your IT Infrastructure

We prioritize secure access control for IoT, ERP, technical documentation, and Business Intelligence data. Whether you choose cloud or on-premise hosting, CORSphere AI ensures swift and informed business decisions. Integration with your Business Intelligence and historical data is seamless, and since the AI resides on your servers, you have full control over its security compliance.

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